Saturday, January 3, 2009

Across the Pond - January 2nd News/Reviews

Like so many I actually have today off work, even where people are working the amount of "vacation" time taken for the one day back before the weekend leaves a lot of companies with reduced coverage. The amount of "working from" also increases. I for one go to work to have a break from home, though that is partly caused by having two little ones creating havoc around the place.

There has not been much going on with the book stuff, I have done a count up and am currently owed over 20 reviews , I guess I'll just have to wait. Right now it's just bills that keep coming through, Facebook etc all add up each day for adverts, I just wonder if anybody is purchasing copies I do hope so, but will not find out for several months yet.

I did however receive a a call and a booking for a school visit end of March. I have already worked out my presentation, with as much humor and learning I can manage in a short period of time.

Any way here we go into 2009, I will be paying a short visit back "acorss the pond" next week, which will enable me to check a few things before I start shading out my next novel...

I was going to call it "Acoss the Pond and Back again" but guess some Ho bit character might have used that idea.

Yound Adult Novel - Across the Pond

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