Sunday, January 25, 2009

Across the Pond - By Storyheart January 25th

"Across the Pond" - by "Storyheart" January 25th

More news and views on my "Young Adult Fiction" Novel “Across the Pond’

With a little bit of detective work I was able to find and share the mp3 recording of my appearance, on Thursday’s The Tony Kay Show at

You can find the recording at

Or else go to

To find that link and my other radio show links.

I sent it to my PR lady Dorothy at and she was over the moon about it. In fact she was so pleased she added it on her major blog.

See this at.

It’s great when even your PR Company thinks your doing good!!

No fresh reviews on Amazon *pout* but then you can’t have everything.

Non book stuff.

My karaoke show last night was packed three birthday parties. Everybody had a great time despite having a few equipment issues.

Today Sunday, I went to have an MRI on my back which the doctor will make a decision on when I visit on Tuesday as to if it requires an operation. I think this will be the choice anyway rather then a jab.

Several more blogs have written that they have received my book and I am expecting some great feed back once my virtual tour starts in February.

Tuesday I have an interview on Calling All Authors

So that’s all the news for today more to come tomorrow.

Author of “Across the Pond”

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