Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Across the Pond - Wednesday January 9th -New and Reviews


After making sure I had a few copies of “Across the Pond” with me I got a ride down to JFK airport, ready for my trip back home to England. I was sitting in the airport departure lounge and started reading my book. It’s funny but after not reading it for some time, how much I enjoyed going through the pages. In fact at several points I actually laughed out loud at what I was reading. Is that a bad thing to laugh at your own book?

After the normal, well for JFK airport normal hold up before we could take off we eventually left about 35mins late. Whenever I can I fly Virgin Airlines, it is so much better, with more to do and enjoy than most of the other airlines and you don’t get charged extra. Enjoyed two films and several TV shows while flying across on what was a fast rout, the actual flight only taking just over 6hrs, so we actually arrived early in the UK.

Trying to work out what I might bring into my next book, I caught the tube (Subway) from Heathrow and travelled the whole length of the Piccadilly Line to Arnos Grown, where a caught a bus before arriving at the family home.

When I checked my mail I found yet another great review which I will add at the end of the email, as well as some “homework” from my PR Company, “pumpupypurbook promotions.com”.

I produced several items and answered several more questions that had been sent re my “young adult fiction” book Across the Pond, checked out the web site http://across-t-pond.com and headed for bed.


***** a little bit of everything, January 7, 2009
Sarah Wolcheski - See all my reviews
Adventure, romance, linguistics, Across the Pond has a little bit of everything. A great read for mother/daughter book clubs. Not too racy, yet sweetly romantic. Even a little educational; I wasn't aware of the great number of differences in US and British English! The characters are well developed and their escapades are believable. A great gift for a young teen!

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