Thursday, January 15, 2009

Across the Pond January 12/13th News and Reviews

My final day in England staring with a new review and a couple of questions about the review (more about that later)

A bus then a tube ride back along the whole length of the Piccadilly line had my at departure area four at Heathrow airport. Only issue was I found I was meant to be at departure 3. So back on the shuttle and eventually arrived and handed over my, now increased in number cases.

I went through the various security zones of which there are so many more than in the US, memories are soon forgotten it seems with regards US security. Went to go through with my hand luggage to find the marmite and HP sauce count as liquids thus can’t go through in hand luggage.

Back to the Virgin (never fly anything else) departure area and handed over my hand luggage to be added with my cases. Back again and into the duty free area. Unlike in the US this is like a small shopping mall, with plenty to purchase eat and drink.

A long flight home and I was back in the US by 8pm.

Now ready for my February book tour and some more radio programs.

The review I received while very good, even comparing me to a new Judy Blume questioned “the use of inappropriate language”.

I thought long and hard but could not really come up with any real “use of inappropriate language”. Except for the name “slime ball” or Fred saying “bloody hell” when the car turns right a t a red stop slight. The only other item “might” be the mishap with him using the term rubber for what in the US is called an eraser. But then that is a prime example of the sort of issues one who travels across the pond can find themselves in.

A new Judy Blume, January 12, 2009
kbird - See all my reviews
Storyheart comes across as a modern day Judy Blume with Across The Pond. The book's humor is reminiscent of Blume's books that were written for younger audiences while touching on a serious subject similar to the books written for older audiences. My only complaint about Across The Pond is the use of inappropriate language. By no means is the book filled with four-letter words; however, the few that are sprinkled in are unnecessary and, in my opinion, inappropriate. For that reason alone, I think the book is more suited to older teens and up. On the positive side, I loved how this light romance was told through Fred's view. It is a refreshing break to read a romance through a guy's view. Across The Pond could easily be the first in a series based on its characters. I for one would love to read about Brit's trip to visit Fred in England, to see Angel's story told, and to even see Harris in his own book. I hope Storyheart will be writing young adult literature for a long time to come.

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