Friday, January 23, 2009

Across the Pond - by Storyheart January 23rd

Across the Pond - by Storyheart January 23nd

More news and views on my Young Adult Fiction Novel “Across the Pond’

Waiting for my mp3 file from Wednesday nights The Tony Kay Show on Several people have asked about it missing the original show, I hope it will be available soon.

Managed to create a couple more documents for blogs I’m visiting on my virtual book tour next month.

I checked Amazon late last night and was very pleased to see some new reviews for “Across the Pond”. I love the second one calling Fred, Prince Charming, not sure if he’d prefer that to being Brits White Knight.

Young Love with Some Language Differences, January 22, 2009
By Sheri Fresonke Harper "sfharper59" (Renton, WA United States) - See all my reviews

I found this story of young love sweet and quite fun. The hero Fred is suitably teen in his ability to embarass easily yet tough and likeable. That he falls for the daughter Brit of the family he is visiting is easily understandable. Villian Stefan is a mean thug that harasses women. The showdown between the good guys at a barbecue and the Stefan and his overweight aunt is full of fun pranks that any teen would enjoy. More than all of that, the reader gets to experience a little bit of the differences between the United Kingdom and the United States along with a healthy dose of baseball. Very easily read, teens and other will enjoy the story including the realistic jealousy of friends competing for dates.
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Prince Charming Steals Your Heart!, January 22, 2009
By Dorene Page "" (Indiana) - See all my reviews

A young man is sent across "the pond" to stay with friends of the family while his parents go on vacation. He'd much rather be with his parents, but soon discovers the land of dreams is home to the girl of his dreams. Charming and valient, he has the adventure of a lifetime. This is a wonderful story of young love, funny and irresistable. The cultural differences are funny, but these two find out that the problems and pressures that face teens, face them no matter which continent you live on. A must read for adults and teens/tweens alike. This yound lady's Prince Charming is sure to steal your heart, too.

It’s always worth checking the search engines you never know where a review or information about your book might pop up.

So that’s all the news for today more to come tomorrow.

Author of “Across the Pond”

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