Sunday, January 4, 2009

Across the Pond - January 3rd News/Reviews

Another Saturday and working tonight my first karaoke show for a couple of weeks with the holiday period, the snow and my bronchitis. I'm sure if I take a couple of bags of cough sweets and dose up on meds I'll get through okay.

Not much news on my book Across the Pond. A few emails and comments, but no reviews, though I know there are plenty out there that are meant to be coming my way.. well that are promised. I guess the New year and things will start getting back to normal.

I am mentally trying to work out which of the two options for a follow up book I am going to start writing. For those who have read Across the Pond there are at least two open channels for future novels. I need to work out which road to follow, but unlike the Wizard of OZ there is no yellow brick road.

I am heading back home for a week so will be able to see if any ideas come to me.

Until then I hope those whom have read my book enjoyed it, and those who are interested purchase a copy. Amazon have after the news the other day that they had put the price of "across the Pond" up, now seem to have settled it back to the $16.19 at amazon. Perhaps it's the power of blogs me mentioning it... you never know.

You can always check the book out at

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