Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Across the Pond - January 10th News and Reviews

Saturday January 10th - Across the Pond by Storyheart "Young Adult Fiction"

Nearly all my family came to visit today, many I have not seen for several years. Lt’s of discussion with my nieces re my next book and what path it should take. I suggested that Brit might get killed off and was beaten around the head for even suggesting such a thing. In the end a few possible paths for talked about and I am now mentally working out the structure I need to follow.

In the late afternoon I caught a bus, yes we use buses in England, up to my old rugby club. For Americans, rugby is like American football, without the suits of armor, and where people play the full 40minutes each half, not coming off for a break after every minute or so.

It was good to see some old friends and chat about old days over a pint or two. Before I left I was presented with a gift for service to the club, or was it service to the bar? Whichever it was a nice gift. I sold several books at the club, and picking up some fish and chips on my way home settled down to check for any “home work” Dorothy, my PR lady from “” had given me.

No home work, but there was another great review waiting for me to share.

***** Highly recommended young adult romantic adventure!, January 11, 2009
Rseifert - See all my reviews
A delightful adventure about Fred, a young lad from England. Fred's story begins when his parents win a trip for two to Australia and he is forced to stay with his dad's buddy Phil in the USA. Fred's emotions run the gamut from anger about his parents leaving him out of their trip, to the stirring he felt when he met Phil's daughter Brit. A nice side bit to the story is about a school project Fred takes on. He is to write down the differences in languages, such as an elevator being called a lift in England. I do not want to give much more of the story line away, but rest assured you will not be disappointed in this book. It is an extremely well written novel for a young adult romantic adventure. It is so good, that if you are giving it as a gift, you might asked to read it when the person is through with it.


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