Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Across the Pond - January 8th News and Reviews

First day back in England, and after some “real bacon” for breakfast checked my mail and found some more work and questions for my book “Across the Pond”.

Later I made the trip to Tesco’s the largest and best supermarket chain in England, and now a few have migrated to the west coast of the USA. Once again I was amazed ahs to just how much more choice there is regarding food in English stores, and purchased many, many items to bring back with me.

Crisps, HP sauce, PG Tips tea, Branston Pickle and many other items, I would have purchased more except I had to get the goods back home, as it was by the time I added Christmas presents, gifts etc to the shopping another case was required for the return trip.

I worked through another couple of question and answers for my virtual book tour which starts in February. Later in the day a request to appear on another radio show came alone, making it look like a very busy moth heading my way.

Across the Pond, my teen/young adult fiction book by me Storyheart, seems to be very popular, and I love doing all these shows and reviews.

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