Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Across the Pond - December 31st News/Reviews

The end of 2008, and it's started to snow again here in Connecticut. I did my normal rounds of the web sites, book reviews etc this morning knowing that I have a possible 20 more reviews owed me. I actually though got a shock at Amazon to see they had raised the price of my book from $16.19 to $17.23. I checked the other book stores through and found that Barnes & Noble for instance still had the book at $16.19.

So is a good thing that Amazon have put up the price? Is it because the book is selling well? Or isn't selling well? Is it the end of the holiday price cutting or the new price for 2009. I guess I'll never know. I do know that copies are still being purchased as have had a few emails over the last couple of days about the book.

I also continue to work on and plan my virtual book tour scheduled for February with

Considering the book did not come out until October 2008 I am really pleased with all that has happened so far. With the virtual tour and several online radio show appearances already booked for 2009 along with several school visits, I hope that 2009 will see the sales continuing. I also aim to write my follow up novel in 2009.

Across the Pond

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Across the Pond - December 30th (News and reviews of my book Acorss the Pond by Storyheart)

I am cracking on with the “homework” items, given to me by, to be ready for February's virtual book tour.

Virtual book tours provide visibility to the world rather than just a few people who might wonder into a local book store.

I have completed question and answer documents for several "blogs" which is where these virtual tours take place. I was surprised to read that one of these blogs gets around 3 million hits a month… 3 MILL... Virtual tours are obviously the way forward and the help I ma getting from “” is fantastic.

I have also has a couple more feed backs re possible online radio programs in the New Year. I love doing these chat programs the English accent certainly helps and it provides and escape for some of my English humor.

Read all about Across the Pond and meet a couple of the book characters at http://across-t-pond


Monday, December 29, 2008

Across the Pond - December 29th

Latest news on my book "Across the Pond" by Storyheart

Read about it at

A fresh review, not at amazon, this time but at Reader Views. I had one previously there under the children reviewers this time it's in the adult section, which goes to show how the age that enjoy the book varies.

Received an email from the above lady "Irene Watson" re my "young adult fiction" book Across the Pond. Seems one of her readers has had trouble getting hold of a copy for their eldest, so I am going to send that person a signed copy and hope that they enjoy the read.

I also started working on video blogs or v-logs as they are called. updating my book intro and loading it onto

Working with my new PR lady Dorothy at pumpupyourbook I have many new ideas and follow up to work on. Also hoping that after the holiday I will be able to find a few new reviews at amazon.

Young AdulStoryheart

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Across the Pond - December 28th

This is a blog about me and my book "Across the Pond". I write under the name Storyheart and this is my new novel. Check at amazon for some of the great reviews I've had for this book.

Latest News:

Hope everybody had a good holiday for me and mine it was not brilliant. with a bout of bronchitis hitting nearly all of us.

Still presents were opened with the children as normal being spoiled rotten.

During this time I have sorted out a PR company, and am now working with "Pump Up Your Book Promotion"
The word is starting to get out there, radio shows, book reviews, school visits and now virtual book tours.

I have had several kind messages and email from people who purchased the book for a Christmas gift letting me know how much it has been enjoyed.

More news in the new year.. which I hope becomes a good one for all my readers.