Thursday, January 22, 2009

Across the Pond - by Storyheart January 22nd

Across the Pond - by Storyheart January 22nd

More news and views on my Young Adult Fiction Novel “Across the Pond’

Yesterday evening I had by second appearance on The Tony Kay Show at Again it was a great interview for almost and hour, talking about all kinds of things as well as my book and what else is going on with its promotion, Virtual Book Tour etc.

Tony is a great host one of the best I have come up against for making you feel at ease and helping pass the time very quickly.

Any recent authors I recommend an appearance on his show just log onto and look for the Tony Kay show.

I will post the link to the radio show recording as soon as I have it.

Work for my Virtual Book Tour with “” ready for the start of the tour in February.

While yesterday doing my search engine check which I do every night I found a report about what looked like an interview at however it turns out to be one of those places you have to be a member off to read so I guess I’ll just know there was a report there.

It’s always worth checking the search engines you never know where a review or information about your book might pop up.

So that’s all the news for today more to come tomorrow.

Author of “Across the Pond”

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