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Across the Pond - January 17/18th News and Reviews

Across the Pond January 17/18th

Okay so I am now doing blogs in two days instead of every day, originally it was to catch up on the backlog from my trip back home across the pond, but now it’s just to make sure I have enough to write about.

Saturday and a some more homework, this time just writing for “The Book Stacks” blog about writing “young adult fiction” which I completed today, Sunday. One of the issues I had when writing my book “Across the Pond” was sorting out the age and the genera. The fact that people from ten to eighty are enjoying the book, and parents as well as their children are enjoying it makes me wonder what I can pigeon hole the book into.

Putting “for the young and the young at heart” I hope covers some of the age differences that are enjoying the book.

I did a little work on my web pages at adding a link to last week radio show. 01/16/Todays-Author

Saturday night I had my karaoke show the first one of the year missing last weeks due to my trip, actually the show was canceled due to bad weather. The normal quiet start but it filled up and I had a lot of singers and what proved once again to be a really fun night.

I have started on the mental planning of the next book, the story is taking shape and it will be based around Brit coming to visit Fred in England, and like Fred with his trip to the US running into problems in England. Sort of “across the pond and back again” As normal there will be many twists in the story and I expect to be putting the first words to paper next month.This up and coming week I have another radio interview, this time on Artists First at 6pm on Wednesday.


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