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Across the Pond - by Storyheart January 30th Part 2

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Review from Cup of Coffee


Fred Squire is not happy to be packed off on a plane from his native England to stay in America with a family he doesn’t know while his parents go to Australia on vacation. However, he makes the best of it and soon finds that “Uncle Phil” and his family are great fun—and that Phil’s daughter, Brittany, is hot and fun.

Fred and Brit soon become an "item", and she refers to him as her English Knight. He stands up for her when she has to face Steve Harris, a boy she dated once and who upset her deeply. Meanwhile, she and her parents show Fred around in fine style and help him with his school project of finding the differences between British and American English.

I can’t help but read the story with an editor’s eye, and I feel there are some places that could have been developed a bit more to enrich the story and bump up the page count a little. There were a couple of minor inconsistencies and other issues that can easily be fixed. However, these issues were few in number and small in nature, and the story was so enjoyable that it was easy to get past them.

Across the Pond is a fun, uplifting story that young teenagers should enjoy. It has everything: love, adventure, conflict, heroism, and even sports. The characters are fun and engaging, leaving you wanting to have more adventures with them, and readers learn a little about what it would be like to visit a foreign country—even one where the language is the same as your own...only completely different.

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