Friday, January 30, 2009

Storyheart Virtual Book Tour February 2009

Feb. 2 – ReaderViews (book review)

Feb. 3 – Today’s Author on Blog Talk Radio (podcast)

Café of Dreams (book review)

Feb. 4 – Café of Dreams (guest post)

The Tony Kay Show (podcast)

Feb. 5 – American Chronicle (interview)

Feb. 6 – Book Talk with J&J (guest post and book giveaway)

Feb. 9 – Blogcritics (interview)

Feb. 10 – Cindy’s Love of Books (book review)

The Book Connection (book review)

Feb. 11 – Book Marketing Buzz (guest post)

Feb. 12 - Gotta Write Network (interview)

The Writer’s Life (guest post)

I'd like you to write me a guest post about writing for the young adult genre. Give it a snappy name like "How to Write for the Young Adult Market." (need this)

Feb. 13 – Blog Talk Radio (podcast)

Fiction Scribe (interview) (need this but will get it to you soon)

Feb. 16 – A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book (book review)

Blog Talk Radio with Kim Smith (podcast)

Feb. 17 – Let Me Look at That Book (book review)

Fictionary (guest post) (need this)
Feb. 18 – Divine Caroline (interview)

Feb 19 - The Writer’s Life (interview)

Feb. 20 - (book review)$spindb.query.listreview2.booknew.17719

TV and Book Addict (book review)

Feb. 23 – The Plot (book spotlight)

As the Pages Turn (book trivia)

Feb. 24 – The Plot (character interview)

Feb. 25 – The Book Stacks (guest post)

Feb. 26 – A Bookworm Reads (guest post)

Feb. 27 – Plug Your Book


"We take books to the virtual level!"

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