Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Across the Pond - January 20th News and Reviews

Across the Pond January 20

Yesterday was a day full of mixed events and emotions

On the book side, there was so much good news.

Interviews in

The American Chronicle, California Chronicle, Los Angeles Chronicle, World Sentinel

Just check for Storyheart

Also a good interview at Divine Carline


Then a good fresh 5 star review at Amazon

By G. Reba (Panama City, FL) - See all my reviews

'Across the Pond' was a surprising piece of literary work, indeed. The title and cover art lead you to some correct assumptions, but the overall story is truly remarkable. The author manages to share a heartfelt story of new love, but also a "heavy topic" through a work of fiction, geared towards those affected most.

Fred Squire...the young man from "across the pond", sets out on what on he believes to be a misguided, time-wasting holiday given to him by his parents while they enjoy a romp on their own. In fact, Fred finds the best of love and the worst of lust, in an eye-opening encounter with the local hoodlums and their path of wreckage left behind.

For a solid read filled with adventure, humor, love, and "real-life"....I would definitely recommend this book. Happy reading!

I also have contacted a few more blog writers and should be able to send them copies for review later this week.

I was hoping it would have been today however, after seeing my chiropractor yesterday today is otherwise booked.

The results of the X-ray on my back pains have come back, and the results are clear. I have some bone spur which is reducing the gap and pinching the nerve. I have to go see a specialist today. It might need a small op or a jab to clear the spur. Whatever I hope it gets done soon, as the lack of sleep due to the pain is really starting to take effect.

Still the book news keeps me smiling and then Wednesday I have another radio interview this time back on Artists First at 6pm with Tony Kay.

Author of “Across the Pond”

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