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Interview With - Elise - "Reading Rocks Blog"

As anybody who has read me reviews interviews or heard my comments on either my own radio program or where I have been a guest, you will know I am a great believer in what I call the "Small Blogger". These are the people who read, write and live books are "The 'Sham Wow' of Teen/YA literature", soaking up everything they can read. Today's guest is fairly new to blogging, and this interview I hope will encourage her and show others how much bloggers are appreciated by us authors.

Name, (name that you blog under): Elise

Blog spot name: Reading Rocks

Blog address:

How long have you been blogging?

6 months

What books do you read?

Young Adult Fiction

What is your favorite book and author of 2009?

A Map of the Known World by Lisa Ann Sandell

What is your favorite author/book of all time?

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

How many books do you have in your library?

On my own bookshelf I currently have around 90 books, but I am so excited to see it growing every day.

How many books do you read a week?

It varies. Sometimes I can read 2 or 3 books in a week; sometimes it takes me a couple of weeks to finish only 1 book. It depends on how captivating the writing and plot is.

Not counting yours, what is your favorite blog to follow?

When is your favorite time/location to read?

At night when all of my family is asleep, the house is peaceful, and I can easily slip into the story that sits in my hands.

If you could be a character in any book who would that be and why?

Oh my, that is a real tough one. I think I would say Annalisa Townsend from To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker. She is a strong, brave, and wonderful character. Her story is adventurous and I would love to travel on a pirate ship, meet the phenomenal cast of characters that Jade Parker created, and experience the story through my own eyes. But my favorite thing about reading is that all those characters I wish to be, I can be. Just for a while, as I escape into the book.

Have you ever thought about or actually written a book yourself?

Yes, I definitely want to write a book at some point in my life. I’m one of those little high school nerds that sit on her computer and write stories when I have the time. I've started and stopped many things, and have currently realized it's easier to just write short stories. For now anyway. But I am writing a story with one of my friends for fun. We take turns adding onto the story, and I'm very pleased by how it's turning out. It's currently around 40 or 50 pages.

If you had a chance to advertise your blog in any way you could, what would you choose and why?

I would choose an extremely populat author like J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer to make a positive statement about my blog. I’m sure that would bring in some readers. ;)

If you had a chance to interview any one author who would that be and why?

Libba Bray, for multiple reasons. First and foremost, her books blow my mind away and I would love to hear about the person behind the magic. Second, she went to my high school, sat in the same boring classrooms as I did, and has now turned into an amazing author. Libba Bray’s mom was my mom’s English teacher. And I have seen pictures of Libba Bray in my mom’s yearbook. What a small world! I think it would be really cool to interview her and ask all the questions I'm curious about.

If you had a chance what period of history would you live in?

I am happy with living in this time and age. I like showering every day, having indoor plumbing, and all of those luxuries we have nowadays. But I would definitely love to travel to different periods of history just for a brief visit. The renaissance era is definitely on the top of my list.

What is one thing about you that readers might not know?

I have 5 brothers and am the only girl in the family. I enjoy doing weird things in public places with my friends (like, for example, yesterday my friends and I were at the town square. We sat in a circle on the lawn in front of the old courthouse and began meditating and doing yoga. We received many strange looks.) And the last fun tid bit about me is that I love hot chocolate, even in the summer.

What would you like to change about you if you could?

I would love to have the natural ability to sing. I am a theater person, and would have a blast being a part in a musical. Yet seeing as I can’t sing, I’ll just be a technician for the school musicals. I don’t really mind too much, though, because I enjoy teaching as well.

Have you ever heard of a “Tree Kangaroo?”

Um… no, don’t think so. Sounds intriguing though…

If people are interested in being a guest on your blog or sending a book to you and your blog what is the best way to contact you?

By emailing

Thank you so much for being my guest I always want to help YA bloggers.
Good luck to your future blogs as well as that book your writing.

Don't forget I am always looking for guest for my Monday blogger interviews

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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