Thursday, August 27, 2009

Views, Reviews and Weird News

So what have I got to offer you in this weeks "Views, Reviews and Weird news?

There has been some really interesting and weird news this week, so I'll jsut concentrate on that this blog.


Some of you might have read about Microsoft (in Poland) getting into trouble for altering a photo on its website to change the race of one of the people in the picture. To my mind, while this was interesting and of course Microsoft had to make an apology. You’ll notice that while on the website of its Polish business unit the black man's head was replaced with a white face, the color of his hands was unchanged.

A British tourist has spent a night trapped in a French town hall after mistakenly thinking she could book a room at the "hotel de ville".
The hapless female visitor arrived in the Alsace town of Dannemarie on Friday and tried to find a bed for the night.
Spotting the impressive-looking "hotel de ville", the tourist popped in to use the toilet before trying to check in. But as she was in the convenience, officials finished a meeting, left the town hall and locked its door.

Australian palaeontologists say they have discovered a new species of dinosaur on a sheep farm in the northern state of Queensland.
The fossil remains of the large plant-eating sauropod, nicknamed Zac, are about 97 million years old.

A bear climbs out of a concrete skateboarding park after staff provides a ladder for it.

Police in the Indian city of Mumbai say they have arrested a man for forgery and polygamy after he married at least six women over the past two years.
Tushar Waghmare, an engineer with Air India, allegedly kept all his wives in the dark about their counterparts.
He was arrested after his sixth wife went to the police when she discovered he was married to someone else.

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