Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Book and a Chat saved by JD Glasscock

Tonight's Book and a Chat was saved by the Alexander Graham Bell, actually more like Saved by JD Glasscock. Yes that is his real name, so please don't try and put any weird French accent o silence letters as one might have a silent P as in bath.

My original guest though I checked up about 2/3 hours before the show with their agent if they were able to be a guest (having already dropped once before) dropped out with illness about 45minutes before tonight's program.

Many anxious emails, face book entries and twitters later, April Robbins the guiding light behind Red River Writers put me in touch with me guest JD Glasscock.

JD has just brought out a book entitled "Street Hymns to the Disconnected" a compilation of some of his better poems and lyrics out of my ten chapbooks as well as some of his short films and an excerpt from one of his feature films.

JD was formally a front man for the band Sofa King for many years as well as a music promoter and a slam poet. He quit all that three years ago to focus on film/novels, he had writing over 19 years, since starting out as a slam poet in 1990.

Listen to another enjoyable thirty minute as JD and Barry discuss things from the real orange County and tattoo's o his journey though creative writing to this release of his book "Street Hymns to the Disconnected"

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"Across the Pond"

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