Monday, August 24, 2009

Radio Progs, Literary Dogs, and Helpful Blogs

It's been a busy week on the radio side with some fantastic shows and guests on my blog radio show "A BOOK AND A CHAT".

I have been very lucky with my guests, and the response and feed back has been nothing but good. So much so that there seldom seems to be a day go by without an email or a message asking if such and such a writer could be a guest.

I am now, or so it seems going to shows on three nights a week, with even these dates filled for much of the next couple of months. Up and coming guests range from bloggers to reviewers to writers and publicist. Hopefully all will enjoy their chat over a cup of tea, in the friendly fun format I always try and promote.

I have been asked recently to create a couple of guest blogs about doing a radio show, the first of which can be found at

I was also asked in another interview for the pitfalls and drawbacks of blog radio, guest no shows etc. One item I did forget, which was brought home to me over the last few days is the fact that to do a show, I have to shut the windows and turn off the air conditioning or fan while doing the show, to avoid background noise. in the humidity we've had on the east coast the last week, this is definitely not a good thing.

For those of you who caught the show on Friday with The Story Siren, we had a little dog interruption on one of the calls, as well as discussing Kristi's own dog, Xander who appears on her Vlogs. Well if you check "The Story Siren" today you see Xander can also help put book cases together.

Many blogs are full of helpful advice, for writers and readers, places to go, books to read, free things etc. I even did my own "Book Promotion on a Budget" five day blog to help people. On Wednesday I will hopefully be producing a blog with some more helpful locations for software and advice.

As for the AMAZON reviews... the number at the Deli counter has not ticked over and I'm still standing at...

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