Friday, August 7, 2009

Radio Blogs, Progs and Birthday Celebrations

It's been a busy week on the radio side with two guest appearances as well as my own blog radio show "A BOOK AND A CHAT"

Yesterday I was a guest on "THE FUNKY WRITER SHOW" though the show was a short fifteen minutes chat, it was very entertaining and I've already had a couple of follow up contacts from it.

For those who want to share this show you can hear it at

Tomorrow on my BOOK AND A CHAT show I have a change in guest.


A BOOK AND A CHAT with Eileen McVety

Eileen is the author of Welcome to the Company (or What It’s Really Like Working Here), a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek twist on the employee handbook, Eileen is available for interview at your convenience. Not only can she share her witty, incisive brand of humor about all things corporate, but Eileen will certainly entertain and enlighten your audience with tales of some of the tips she shares in her book, including: concocting creative sick day excuses; defining the role of each department in the company, and discerning the does and don’ts of dealing with them; identifying those six subtle signs that you’re about to be fired; mastering the myriad meaningless meetings you’ll be forced to attend; and proactively playing the corporate players.


Happy birthday to Smokey Bear!

Smokey Bear, the character created to warn Americans about the dangers of forest fires, turns 65 today.

The most iconic image in fire-fighting history has been the furry face of woodland fire prevention since he became the spokesbear back on August 9, 1944. In fact, Smokey’s work has been the longest running public service advertising (PSA) campaign in U.S. history.

Since Smokey came on the scene, his message about wildfire prevention has helped to reduce the number of acres burned by wildfires each year, from about 22 million back when he was just a cub in 1944 to an average of 7 million today.

Yet even though he’s now reached the traditional retirement age, Smokey isn’t going into hibernation. He's adapting to modern times and getting the word out to as many people as possible.

Smokey has more than 6,300 fans on his own Facebook page, and has just launched profile pages on Twitter, MySpace and YouTube to get his message to where today’s audience will most easily find it.

Barry (Storyheart)

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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  1. Thanks for your post about Smokey's birthday! I thought you might be interested in sharing this e-card with your readers where they can encourage their family and friends to "get their smokey on" with tips to prevent wildfires:

    Here's a widget you can embed on your blog that celebrates Smokey's 65 years of hard work with a quiz on pop culture facts. It includes a link to the e-card at the end:

    We're also celebrating Smokey on Facebook and polling people on their favorite Smokey PSA. To see all of Smokey's work and cast your vote, go here:

    Thanks so much for your help in celebrating this great milestone!


    Stacy Cohen
    Home Front Communications for the Ad Council

    ~Follow @Smokey_Bear on Twitter!