Monday, August 31, 2009

“High School Musical - Across the Pond”

On the day when Disney have purchased Marvel Entertainments, for $4 billion in cash and stocks. Bringing the prospects of many more films involving the more than 5,000 characters, I got to pondering over how you change a book into a film, or even get a book looked at to become a film.

As several people have remarked in my reviews the Across the Pond would make a great film, I would even suggest the next “High School Musical” perhaps Zach Efron, now’s he finished making "17 Again", could polish up his English accent and play Fred?

Both Disney and Hallmark have been mentioned as possible people who might be interested and I’ve had a couple of emails asking about film rites, but where do I go from here.

Authors need to supply authentic Hollywood-style book “coverage" of their books, as well as provide Hollywood studios, production companies, networks, agencies, and producers access to this coverage.

Coverage means a 1 to 3 page report including synopsis of the book, and comments that would include a perspective of the plot/characters/theme as well as the adaptability of the work into a screenplay, analysis of marketability, and other pertinent comments. This report is used by studios, production companies, networks, etc. to evaluate new books and screenplays they're considering acquiring for production.

So I guess my next step is to contact people/companies who can supply this service.

After that… well you never know.

High School Musical - Across the Pond

My mind is making up songs as I write.

Just imagine the leaving scene, the whole cast doing a “Leaving on a Jet Plane” number all around the airport as the two have to say goodbye… complete with flash backs.

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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