Friday, August 14, 2009


I have been doing my Blog Radio show since February. Originally I was doing one show a week on a Saturday, the theme was to be two people chatting over a cup of tea, rather than like some other writers/book programs which sometimes get a little errrr bookish.

Okay I like to have fun, have a laugh, make the guest feel at home. I also like to try and get some of the YA blogger as guests rather than just authors. So the shows started and after just a couple I found i was really into the swing of things. I have managed to even do a few shows just on my own, when guests have not turned up for one reason or another.

Very soon I found I was being asked to host all sorts of guests, agents, publishers and authors all contacted me loving the informal format. I have been able to talk about subject ranging from abuse and religion to the theater and humor.

Very quickly I went to two shows a week and have had to turn people away already being booked up until November. And am having to squeeze some guests into one of specials. The next week is a prime example with shows Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and again the next Saturday.

I have received some wonderful emails of thanks and it seems that everybody even those who start off like a nervous wreck love the format and the way the show goes.

So if you want to spend 30 minutes listening to something light, entertaining and enjoyable, why not try

A BOOK AND A CHAT Blog talk radio show.

Up and coming shows:

Aug 15th Chamein Canton (Canton) 11:00am EST
Aug 18th Douglas Abrams 6:30 pm EST
Aug 20th Heather Cariou 6:30pm EST
Auh 21st The Story Siren (YA Blogger) 7pm EST
Aug 22nd Barbara Bretton 11:00am EST
Aug 25th Randy Sue Coburn 6:30pm EST
Aug 29th J.R. Hauptman 11:00am EST
Sep 1st Joanne Sundell 6:30pm EST

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