Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper Back Writer - a laugh, a joke and an English accent

It has been another long week with so much going on that a recap of everything might even help me get to grips with all that has gone on.

The week started with a really enjoyable radio interview with Sarah, better known at "GREENBEANTEENQUEEN"

A fun Saturday nights Karaokee followed (do you think the word fun is a main stay of my bloggs lol)

Sunday night at 11:30pm I am a guest on "Before bedtime" it was the hosts first show and I was able to help him along and sort out a few technical hitches as well as... you've guest it... having fun.

Monday I heard from my publisher that owing to the success of "Across the pond" they were going to set up a sale or return for the book. This is not common with a POD book, and is one of the reasons that POD's are not common in bookstores. This set up will not only mean that I can now push the book in all the stores and supermarkets, but I will get royalties for orders placed, not items sold. That should really help.
So spread the word, the new launch or is it re-launch date is June 1st.

I also had Zoe from "Zoe Reads Books" as my blog guest.

Wednesday I had yet another really enjoyable "Book and Chat" this time with writer and former soap star and Emmy award winning actress "Louise Shaffer". You can catch up all of these interviews and join in the fun (there it goes again) at my radio or blog spot.

Thursday I made the trip to Central Connecticut University, where I was a guest. Again an entertaining thirty minutes which the recording engineer stated as one of the best shows they have recorded.

Friday and working on a possible way to help authors set up web sites, with emails and blogs for not a lot of money... More to come on that later.

Also through the week I have been lucky enough to receive another FIVE reviews at Amazon, taking my total up to 73 just at Amazon and to over a hundred in all since the book came out last October.

Amazon Reviews

So all in all it's been a great week regarding my book, writing, guests, radio shows, interviews and all things regarding writing and of course it was a huge amount of fun.

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  1. Barry, congrats! That is awesome news!

  2. Awesome news is right, Barry! I am so fortunate that I have met are so inspiring!

  3. You're making me tired, you're so busy.
    70 reviews! wonderful that people are paying attention to all your hard work. Keep it up!

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Gee, do you think you're busy enough yet? LOL! Keep up the great work Barry.