Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News Views and Weird News

Tuesdays blog is normally the time I get to update people about up and coming radio show guests, some of the latest interviews and reviews and some weird news from Across the Pond.


I have started the last few weeks to make my Monday blog an interview with one of the young bloggers or as I now call them the "Sham Wow" of Teen/Ya fiction. After a wonderful, radio interview with "Greenbeanteenqueen" last Saturday Mondays blog guest was Zoe from "Zoe's Book Reviews". I already have several more bloggers signed up either for radio of blog interviews.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) on "A BOOK AND CHAT" I have Soap star turned author Luise Shaffer as my guest 6:30pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Across-the-Pond

I have also just signed an option that will now allow my POD books to be sold with "bye back" which means they can now be available in "normal book stores" not just online.


A fresh review on Amazon taking my total there to 69.. even as I check to post the interview I find another fresh arrival taking my total up to 70!!!!!

"Across the Pond by the author Storyheart was an enjoyable book and I found it a pleasure to read. It was fun and entertaining to read. Fred had lots to learn about the different words and expressions in the American English language which was kind of funny to read. This is a perfect novel for the young adult and teen genres who will enjoy the book as much as I have as an adult reading the book. I look forward to reading more of Storyheart's books."

"This was a very pleasant book to read, I enjoyed the budding romance between the two characters and tip my hat to the author for keeping their romance sweet and touching and resisting the urge to make it too grownup.

Obviously the book is aimed at a junior high to high school audience, but I found my 30 year old self laughing and sighing at the two main characters as their feelings for each other developed.

The author does a great job of building a romance while maintaining a lighthearted vibe with plenty of laughs at the differences between us Americans and our cousins "across the pond."

I would happily recommed this book to family and friends and encourage my local school's library to add it to their shelves! "


This week there are two peices of news from China, both related and showing you just how quickly news can change.

Sunday last is was announced.

China is building what is billed as its first sex theme park, aimed at improving both the sex education and the sex life of its visitors.

Due to open in Chongqing in October, Love Land will include displays of giant genitalia, naked bodies and an exhibition on the history of sex...
Among the attractions is a giant rotating statue of the lower part of a nearly naked woman.


Then on Monday, the very next day new headlines...

China Sex Theme Park Demolished

China's first sex theme park, aimed at improving both the sex education and the sex life of its visitors, has been torn down before it even opened.


Talk about ever changing news

That's it for this week, more weird news next Tuesday

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  1. HA! That news about the Chinese (er..um..) AMUSEMENT (?!) park was funny! Thanks for sharing it!
    Beth Fehlbaum, author
    Courage in Patience, a story of HOPE..
    Ch. 1 is online!