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Susan Boyle, Jamie Pugh, Hollie Steel. Who next?

After four weeks of Britain's Got Talent" the UK are wondering will be this weeks star of "BGT" as it's now being called. Not just wondering, but with every town having one if not several betting shops in the main high street, many people are betting on outcome of who will win the overall competition and appear in front of the Queen at the Royal Command Performance.

First I better explain about betting, at least across the Channel.

The odds are shown in two parts, what you get back and then for what you put on a bet. (I'll do it in dollars to make it easy)

4/1 means that if your win, you'll get back four dollars for every dollar you put on, plus your initial bet so $5.
10/1 means you get back $11 ten dollars plus your bet... and so on.
Favorites are sometimes called "odds on". This means for every bet you put on you'll get a fraction of that bet as winnings back plus your stake.
1/2 is called "two to one on". So if you put a dollar on, you'll get half of that or one per two parts back. So you'll get back 50cents plus your original dollar. on all winnings there is tax to pay as well.

Now I hope you understand a little about odds and betting, here is the current "odds" and a few comments about the finalists in "Britain's Got Talent".

Susan Boyle:- Current Odds 8/13 (odds on favorite right now)
Susan Boyle surprised the cynics on the panel with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Looks a good bet to win BGT if she can find some more tunes. Had been featured all over the world and building a big following. Everyone seems to be having a bet on her to win.

Jamie Pugh:- Current Odds 11/2
Jamie Pugh a painfully shy and nervous singer who sang like Susan Boyle a tune from the musical Les Miserables.

Shaheen Jafargholi:- Current Odds 6/1
12 Year old Shaheen sung his Grandad's favourite song Valerie. But Simon Cowell didn't think it was right for such a young singer. Expect it be the first song on the Britain's Got Talent album!

Hollie Steel:- Current Odds 6/1
10 Year old Ballerina Hollie Steele took the show by storm. Her opening performance of I Could Have Danced All Night on Britain's Got Talent wowed the audience. My dark horse to win if they have overdone Susan's make over.

Diversity:- Current Odds 8/1 (Dance Group)
Flawless:- Current Odds 10/1 (Dance Group)
Julian Smith:- Current Odds 16/1 (Saxophonist)
Sue Son:- Current Odds 16/1 (Violinist)
Stavros Flatley:- Current Odds 25-1 (Riverdance take off, very funny)
With another four acts even further outsiders (larger odds)

Other items that people can bet on in England with regards BGT all at VERY "odds on favorite prices, which means it's almost a certainty

Susan Boyle to get a record deal with Simon Cowell in 2009 1/10
Susan Boyle to have a UK No 1 single in 2009/2010 4/9
Susan Boyle to have a UK number 1 album in 2009/2010 4/6

You can also bet on who will play Susan Boyle if/when they make a film of her life.

Top 5 favorites are...

Catherine Zeta Jones 3/1
Kelly McDonald 4/1
Helena Bonham Carter 6/1
Katy Bates 8/1
Demi Moore 10/1

That's what it is right now, but who knows what this weeks list of hopefuls will bring.

Whose your favorite and why?


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