Friday, May 29, 2009

How a "Stunt Book" saved the day

Today I am going to spotlight book video's well one book video. A good book video can really help a books promotion and recently I came across a wonderful idea for a book video for a book called "The Family Plots" (Link at the end of this blog)

This made me think about what I had produced so far for my own book "Across the Pond". Like many a book video it is a PowerPoint sideshow, with music etc. Seeing the video for The Family Plot it got me thinking.

So with a little help from my two little terrors, and my normal English sense of humor, this last weekend a new book video was produced.

Don't worry about the sound, it is an old fashioned silent movie, which as you can see the kids really loved making, as it gave them a chance do all kinds of things to their Dad. Also when watching it note my legs are really not that white, it was just the sunlight affect with the camera... honest.

After I made the video and shared it with a few people I received several shocked comments about possibly damaging the book during the water scene. This however I had thought of, and the filming was stopped just prior to that scene and a "Stunt Book" replaced the original book.

So as you watch this book video please note...

No actual book was harmed during it's making. And a "stunt book" was used during the water scenes.

Any way here's today's spotlight book video


If you want to check out The Family Plots video you can check out all about it at

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