Thursday, May 21, 2009

Both sides of the radio coin for writers

Today I was a guest at WXCI 91.7 radio station at Western Connecticut State University broadcasting to a large part of Connecticut. Yesterday I was on my show "A Book and a Chat" I chatted to a Louise Shaffer winner of an Emmy award and now publishers of several books including her latest novel "Serenipity"

One show I was the guest, the other the host, both shows I enjoyed equally.

These days the sitting in book shops all day for handful of people to stop to see what your doing or in many cases giving away have been overtaken by the internet. You can reach all around the world with one blog, one pod cast, one interview. And in doing that reach the people who really are interested in your book, your writing.

The other thing is... Blogs, Pod Radio, Web interviews, all these can be for FREE!!!

When I started my blog radio show "A BOOK AND A CHAT" I did not know how popular it would become. Within a few weeks I was booked for 3 months ahead, so much so, that I started a second program on a Wednesday and that is already becoming full for several months ahead.

Unlike some chat radio shows, I try not to make it sound like a librarian lecture, more as I tell me guests, like "sitting down chatting over a cup of tea of coffee".

From the response and feed back I have received it seems like I am doing a fairly good job.

Check it out for yourself at

It does not matter if your a guest or a host, you can enjoy yourself, be part of the show, don't expect things to be done for you, be ready to go that extra mile to keep the show flowing. If your a whose Google your a host find out a little about them that others don't know. If your a guest be ready to share general chat and information not just repeat about your book over and over again. Here are a couple of hints for running a blog radio show.


To check your setting dial in number etc… Go to your radio page and click on


One of the options you will see on the left hand side is


Click and that and you will see your details the ones you need to use is

Host Number: (646) 200-4444
Host Pin: 7518763221

You dial in using the host number, your then ask for your pin which you put in.

Once you are logged on you will see on the right hand side the switchboard and you’ll see something like 111-1111 as host on the top that is you.

Underneath you’ll see any guests you have, normally their phone number.

When you are ready to talk to the guest remember to unblock that person microphone under “on the air” if not you’ll not hear (like happened the other night to me as a guest, until I messaged the host). “Call Muted should be set to “unmuted”.

When you are nearing the end of your interview, there will be a two minutes to go count down. What I normally do is a couple of minutes before the end hand over to your guest to let everybody know about their site, book etc.

Couple of Tips.

Make a note of your guests’ phone number. When the show has finished disconnect your phone then call the person back after. If you don’t the recording keeps going and your after show chat is there for all to hear lol as I found out.

Ask your guest to sign in a few minutes before hand so you can chat about the format of the show.

Be prepared with some backup chat just in case the guest drops off or turns up late.

Make sure you do your home work, check blogs, web pages etc to find out about your guest and if possible some weird/funny questions about them.

Tip from Kim Smith friend and radio host:

After saying goodbye to my guest, I mute their line, and close the show. They usually hang up before show ends anyway, so I am okay. It helps me to let them off about one minute before show ends

Don't forget... it's all advertising, and in nearly all cases it's free!

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  1. Blog Talk Radio is a lot of fun, but now that summer's coming and vacations, I'm cutting back on my shows. Next one is June 14 with Austin Camacho.

    Morgan Mandel