Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book Promotion on a Budget and "no shows"

Today on my book radio show "A BOOK AND A CHAT" my guest did not show. While I'm sure there must be a good reason, I was not as prepared as perhaps I should have been as I did receive confirmation from my guests agent.

So what do you do?

After a brief outline of the guest and her book, hoping that she would dial in eventually, I went through the guests and events over the last two weeks, as well as some sporting items that have been going on today and mentioning my UK Sunday blog which tomorrow will be about "BIG BEN". To tourists this is the clock tower which is part of the "House of Parliament" as well as being one of the best known landmarks of London. However.. you are wrong... that is not Big Ben. Read tomorrows Sunday blog to find out all the details.

Okay so that was ten minutes of the show, so what did I talk about for the other twenty?

The answer is what I intend to blog all next week.


Each day next week I will be talking about various ways you can save while helping your book promotion. I wrote this document earlier in the week working on all the various items I have found since my book has come out. It was suggested I make it into an E Book, perhaps to make some money, but to me that went against the whole idea of why I was writing the document.

So starting Next Monday each day through the week I will be trying to offer help for any author, writer or reader as to ways of promoting your book without spending a fortune.

needless to say I got quite into it on the radio show and you can here some of what will be shared on today's "BOOK AND A CHAT with Storyheart"

PLEASE... if you are a writer, reader, author, story teller etc PASS THE WORD about next weeks blog, it is all to help people by items I have learned and I will tell it as it is. No flowery words, in a language that people can understand.



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