Monday, March 1, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Kritin Walker

Over the last year and 120 shows I've had guests both authors and bloggers discussing all kinds of subjects and genres. Sometimes from the information you glean about the guest that day you just know that the show will be fun, not that they all aren't its just sometimes you get that feeling that a large amount of laughter will fill the show. Today was one of those shows.

My special guest on today's "A Book and a Chat" was writer, actress, lifeguard, ballroom dance instructor and much more, Kristin Walker author of "A Match Made in High School".

Making her creative way through short stories and picture books, this is Kristin's first published book (launched February 4th 2010), and one that has been much looked forward to my the YA readers.

"A Match Made in High School" is a story full of sweetness tempered with sarcasm, the book is the perfect teen romance. Laugh-out-loud funny, unpredictable, and fresh, one you won't want to miss.

The show as expected proved a great chat filled with knowledge, cometary and laughter. We learned much about Kristin and her book, even to what to do with a dirty sock. How she was obsessed with the "Little House on the Prairie", or being part of Edwardian England in the vain of Mary Poppins, or "Up Stairs Down Stairs". How as a Tenner and a former Deb has been one of the most rewarding things by far, providing her the opportunity to become friends with so many incredibly talented authors.

The show as expected was a entertaining forty-five minutes, so why not tune in now or download the file to listen to another time, to "A Book and a Chat with Kristin Walker"


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A Book and a Chat with Kristin Walker

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To find out more information about Kristin Walker and her book "A Match Made in High School":
Kristin Walker - A Match Made in High School

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