Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Book and a Chat with “Amy Brecount White”

Many times one hears the slogan "Say it with Flowers" but do you know what each flower is states in the "Language of Flowers". My guest today not only has brought back this Victorian language, but used it to write her debut novel, which was launched on March 2nd. My guest on today's "A Book and a Chat" is Amy Brecount White and her debut novel "Forget-Her-Nots"

I had been reading some great reviews around the YA blog circuit and was really glad I managed to get Amy as a guest on my show, she did not let us down, filling the show with humor, incite and education.

The book though pigeonholed as "YA" is a book for all ages, she describes a story that is "Lyrical, sweet and moving" to which I add educational.

During the show prompted by questions from the chat room we learned about Amy, and how she came to produce "Forget-Her-Nots".

Along the way Amy shared with us some of the stories of her own life, which almost reads like a book itself, from giving her now husband a nosebleed to finding him while lost in Ireland. All of which only went to create a great sixty minute show.

As one blogger writes about"Forget-Her-Nots"...

"Like the petals of a rose, this book has layers of loveliness."

So if you want to find out why you should send somebody "Sweet Basil" rather than normal "Basil", why not to send carnations in Eastern Kentucky as well as all about Amy and her wonderful book, also what we might expect from this great new author over the next year. Listen to today's "A Book and a Chat with Amy Brecount White"


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Amy Brecount White - Forget-Her-Nots

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