Monday, March 8, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Christa Allan"

My guest on tonight's book and a chat is mother of five (plus two grandchildren), English teacher an author Christa Allan whose debut novel "Walking on Broken Glass" was released this year.

Christa has been called "A true Southern woman who knows that any cook worth her gumbo always starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day". And while I come from the south as well, in Christa's case it's not the south of England, rather Louisiana.

During the show Christa shared with us from her earliest writing exploits to how her own life experiences have helped her to write this powerful book about alcoholism, SIDS, and facing up to the realities of life.

Christa went on to explain how the book nearly was lost when she had to leave her home with a half completed manuscript stuffed into zip-lock bags thanks to hurricane Katrina. However like her own life the Christa's writing could not be stopped even by not one but two hurricanes.

Eventually with the help of a fellow author, Christa linked with Rachel Gardner of WordServe Literary. Rachelle's blog, Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent, has won the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Blogs for Writers award for two years.

A year later Abingdon Press, a Methodist publishing house launching fiction for the first time, bought her novel, and started this talented lady on the path to literary success.

So sit back and listen to show or else download it's mp3 file and listen later to "A Book and a Chat with Christa Allan"


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"A Book and a Chat with Christa Allan"

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You can find out more about Christa and her book at:
"Christa Allan - Walking on Broken Glass"

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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