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Before I start, Across the Pond by Storyheart… For those following my last two blogs, slipped back to 398,516 in Books, on Amazon today. I wonder what will happen if I have a busy weekend and school visit next week and order another ten or so?

So today’s blog, is about pod radio and radio interviews. Today an interview I was a guest on was released by ""

I must admit I love doing radio and TV programs, though some people might think I have a face that does better on radio. I love chatting to the host discussing all sorts of things but mainly showing how I feel about the book why I wrote it etc. I am sure without a shadow of doubt that my English accent and sense of humor really help, but I have been told I do make a good guest.

So what is a good guest? A person who just chats, who you don’t have to draw the words out of like a dentist drawing teeth, who can make the interview interesting, share the information and be ready to jump in if hosts has an issue, and most of all has something to say.

I have now been on many radio shows with my book “Across the Pond”, ranging for two fantastic one hour chats to fifteen minutes just reading a chapter from my book. Most of the hosts have been really fun and made the whole event an enjoyable experience, the time passing by very quickly. Every now and then however you come across a show where you end up leading the host rather than them leading you.

You can find some of these radio interviews at

A month or so ago, I started my own Blog Radio show “A Book and a Chat” with xxxxxx. The idea was to try and make the interview more of a friendly chat over a cup of tea. Also wanting to get some of the wonderful small (only in following) bloggers to come and chat about there sites favorite books etc. I’m glad to say so far this has been going very well, and I am booked up with guests until almost the end of May., Saturday 11am EST

One thing that has happened to me both as the host and a guest is losing connection to the show. Luckily both times there has been little “dead air”. When as a host my guest carried on describing her book, and as a guest I realized something had happened and just carried on chatting. So if you are a guest don’t stop if you get no reply from your host, technical difficulties can happen, just keep going, even if it means just talking about the weather.

All I can say is “Bring on the Next Radio Interview”… I love them.

Across the Pond – Storyheart

No new reviews today, hey you can’t win everyday… Just the radio interview mentioned above.

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Every Saturday at 11am. I interview an author or a blogger for 30minutes to find out what they are doing, writing, reading etc. Just a cozy chat over a cup of tea.
This Saturday I am interviewing multi award winning author Joyce Stengal

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  1. Great post, Barry! I really need to take some time to delve into this whole podcast/blog radio thing!!

  2. I thought that was very professional when you stepped in for Morgan until she came back. I don't think I would have thought to keep talking. I wish more people knew about your show because it's one of the best out are a natural!