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Across the Pond by Storyheart - Blog for March rth

Across the Pond by Storyheart - Blog for March rth

Across the Pond a young adult romance book by Storyheart:
News, views and reviews of me Storyheart and my young adult romance, romance or whatever you want to call it book Across the Pond.

Yesterdays aired radio interview I had several weeks ago with Don McCauley on THE AUTHORS SHOW proved very popular. I forgot to post yesterday the review that Don Gave me and my book

An excellent story about teens, young love and what really happens "Across the Pond". When fifteen year old Fred crosses the Atlantic to visit the States he's
astonished to find out that while people might not change very much across international borders, the language and food are another story altogether. Before long he's struggling to figure out the
difference between a condom and an eraser (rubbers in both languages), taking on a bully and
falling head over heels in love with Brit-a young woman with her own battles to fight.
This book is a hilarious look at culture shock even when you both speak the same language and a
fresh look at the ins and outs of teenage romance. Readers will love laughing along with Fred as he finds out what it really means to be an American.

I am actively seeking more radio and where possible TV interviews as these I find really enjoyable


Not counting the review from Don at Tbeauthorsshow I received another at Amazon this now takes my Amazon total up to almost 50 with at leat another 15 not poted no their but on blogs etc.

Excellent read for adults and teenagers alike, March 5, 2009
By Laura Wheeler - See all my reviews

This is a great book that I hope to pass on to my daughters when they get old enough to read it. It's a sweet, innocent love story of an American girl and an English boy. It is well-written and engaging. At times, especially at the beginning, there's too much of an emphasis on the differences between English and American life. Overall, though, this is a very good book that is worth the read.

I did think it kind of funny the bit about the American/Englisg as this is one of the main themes that runs through the book but at least Laura enjoyed the book.

Several more books have gone out for review and I am also trying to book the first two months of my radio show to get that up and running.

Talking about Radio Show…I am now making bookings for my weekly radio show “A BOOK AND A CHAT” with
To be on air every Saturday at 11am EST. I will if people can’t make the time also pre –record a show or two to be played on the next available date

Saturday March 7th “A BOOK AND A CHAT” with Kim Smith

Saturday March 14th “A BOOK AND A CHAT” with Dorothy Thompson

Saturday March21st I am waiting on replies from some bloggers for this date

Saturday March28th I am waiting on replies from some bloggers for this date

Is more a general chat over a cup of tea than a literary show going into depths of books and writing styles. It is for enjoyment, a couple of laughs and the latest news on the book you've written or read. Not only will I have authors talking about their books, or their virtual tours, but I want to get bloggers to come on and tell everybody about their blogs, what they are reading or have just read, even what is in their book case.

I have visited quiet a few such blogs, many run by teenagers which cover a huge variety of books and provide some wonderful incite from the people these books were actually written for.

If you are interested in appearing on A BOOK AND A CHAT” please email me at


I start my radio shows this Saturday my first one is with a fellow writer and radio host Kim Smith:

3/7/2009 - 11:00 AM
A Book and a Chat with Kim Smith
A chat with author Kim Smith about her new book, how she writes and how her resent tour went


Across the Pond by Storyheart. Is a young adult fiction novel with believable characters, exciting events, humor, first love, education and a little sport thrown in for good measure, this is a book for all ages.

Storyheart (Barry Eva)

Don’t Forget…. Spread the word…. You can follow my tour on my blog at

Across the Pond

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