Monday, March 2, 2009

Across the Pond a young adult romance book by Storyheart: March 2nd

Across the Pond a young adult romance book by Storyheart: March 2nd Blog

Every day I do a search through Google to see what if anything new has been picked up or posted about me or my book. It amazes me sometimes where you see your book mentioned. Today for instance I found mention of it at a site for Japanese Hotels, don’t ask me how but Goggle found it there.

I am trying to organize my days a little better knowing that I will not be allowed back at work after my back operation until the end of March. It turned out I did too much over the weekend and suffered yesterday and last night. Now I am trying to inter-mix work, I can dial in for meetings and do a few online items, with rest and book stuff. If I get the balance right I should enable myself to gradually improve without totally climbing the wall with boredom.

A little like after the last night of a long running show, after the virtual tour what next?

Well I’m trying to keep those books and interviews going, though the foot of snow we had in CT today stopped any trip to the post office. Also I am now going into the world of Blog Radio.

Many who have read my blogs before or heard my radio interviews know I love doing radio or TV. So I thought why not have my own show?

So I am starting “A BOOK AND A CHAT” my first broadcast will be at 11am EST on Saturday March 7th, with fellow author Kim Smith. Now during my virtual tour I was lucky enough to appear on Kims show, though both of us at the time were not in the best of health. So for my first show I thought it would be nice to have Kim as my first guest.

Where I am trying to make my show different is to not just have authors going on about their books, but also invite those people who create their won blogs, the young ladies (and men) who have blogs and write about books on an almost daily basis. I think it will be interesting to have their views on some of the new books. Mainly though I want it to be a friendly sit down chat, almost over a cup of tea or coffee and more lighthearted than some of the book radio blogs one can listen to.

Today I followed a couple of people who started their virtual tours, adding comments wherever I could, it all helps you know.


No new reviews today to talk about.

About My Book:

Across the Pond by Storyheart. Is a young adult fiction novel with believable characters, exciting events, humor, first love, education and a little sport thrown in for good measure, this is a book for all ages.

Storyheart (Barry Eva)

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Across the Pond

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