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Across the Pond a young adult romance book by Storyheart: March 3rd

Across the Pond a young adult romance book by Storyheart: March 3rd

Just when I thought reviews were done after my month long virtual tour I find a fresh review of the book today at babasFarmLife.blogspot.com

BabasFarmLife: Book Review - Across The Pond

It seems once again the people liked the book

Across The Pond by Storyheart is delightful quick read filled with the budding young love of two teenagers Brit and Fred. Fred (Fredrick) travels across from England to the United States to stay with friends of his parents Phil and Julie and their young daughter Brit while his parents enjoyed a dream vacation to Australia that they had won in a contest. In his short stay in New York Fred becomes the hero not only to the young Brit but also to her parents and the parents of Brits friends who have been injured by the cad Steve Harris who thinks he can do anything he wants to girls and get away with it. The story is filled with the love of Baseball, language lessons, sightseeing and intrigue as well as a few giggles thrown in. I found myself joyous when the CAD gets his comeuppance and empathized with all the young girls in the story. As an advanced reader I was wishing for a bit more character development but then realized that this is a book for younger readers and one they will love. It is not too long like a novel would be so it's one they will stick with to the end and enjoy every minute. I give it thumbs up!

I am a little behind with all the blog and web page catching up I have to do, but hope to get some of that work back on line tomorrow. Book web pages really needs to be updated, links for the reviews and interviews added from the virtual tour and some more information including the details of my new radio show added.

Yeah... yes another 5 star review at Amazon.. I love going there and seeing yet another review

Great read for young adults ad the young at heart!, March 3, 2009
By Theresa Hurley "Terry Hurley" (USA) - See all my reviews

Across the Pond is a beautifully written book about the young love in all its innocence. The storyline illustrates the subtle differences in culture between America and England in many ways, especially language. Showing the different words and the meanings they have in each country is a wonderful way to show cultural differences that could easily be misunderstood. For example "nappy means diapers" and "chips means fries". Using the game of baseball, Storyheart, further brings home cultural differences, and the confusion that can center around the importance of different things to different people.

A beautifully written and heartwarming book about the thrill of young love. I highly recommend this book to teen readers but it also is a fun book for the young at heart regardless of their age.


I start my radio shows this Saturday my first one is with a fellow writer and radio host Kim Smith:

3/7/2009 - 11:00 AM
A Book and a Chat with Kim Smith
A chat with author Kim Smith about her new book, how she writes and how her resent tour went


Across the Pond by Storyheart. Is a young adult fiction novel with believable characters, exciting events, humor, first love, education and a little sport thrown in for good measure, this is a book for all ages.

Storyheart (Barry Eva)


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