Monday, April 13, 2009

What's New? My “Allbooks Review” that’s what’s new!

Today I received a review from Margaret Orford, at Allbooks Reviews.

Allbooks Review International is another example of a great service that is available for authors without spending a fortune. The site has been voted 1 of 101 Best Websites for writers two years in a row by Writer's Digest. It also does not discriminate between Traditional and Print on Demand Publishers. That alone is something special.

To receive the review I have, from such an auspicious service means a lot for me and my book “Across the Pond”.

Margaret writes…

“ Disappointed that he will not join his parents on a trip for two to Australia, Fred is left with an ultimatum. He has the choice to go to Scotland to visit family, or go ‘across the pond’ to the United States to visit family friends. He chooses to go across the pond, and ends up quite happy with his decision. The family he visits has a daughter, Brittany, his own age, and they grow a fast friendship which quickly develops into something more. Fred has his daily struggles with the differences in the English language from across the pond, which comes up at the most amusing moments. As Fred daily struggles with the language and cultural differences, he learns more about America’s favorite pastime, baseball, and confronts the neighborhood bully, earning the title of the ‘English knight’ when he stands up for Britt against this bully.

Storyheart writes a good story. His ability to portray the differences between two unique and slightly different English cultures is both poignant and amusing. The author weaves the reader into a convincing contemporary setting that depicts cultural differences, bullying and star-crossed lovers…

This is a quick, enjoyable read, with some humorous moments.
Across the Pond is highly recommended by: Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviews.

Thank you so much for the review Margaret


  1. congrats on another great review. Many more.
    Do you have a hundred yet? I've lost count.

    Morgan Mandel

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