Monday, April 6, 2009


Another week and I’m still swimming along with the tide of success that my book has produced.

Today I was interviewed on “Writers In The Sky” about myself, my book, book promotion, and even why we drive on the left in England. It was a fun interview with Yvonne Perry, one you can share and enjoy at.

Along with that review number 63 came splashing into Amazon another very satisfying review from a person in New York, which included…

Fred and Brit have an unforgettable vacation as they fall in love, deal with a bully, and learn that English may be a shared language on both sides of "the pond" but we definitely don't use it the same way all of the time... oh yes and baseball is an international language. This was a sweet romance with tough situations many teens face, but it is not syrupy. A fun read with endearing, well written characters - I think you'll enjoy even if you are not a teenager anymore.


Saturday April 11th at 11am EST - “A BOOK AND A CHAT”

My guest is multi award winning author Karen White who is on her virtual book tour this month with a fascinating novel “THE LOST HOURS”

Sunday April 12th - UK BLOG

This Sundays UK Blog will explain about “BOXING DAY” (December 26th)


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond


  1. Barry, I am so impressed with you. And proud of you. You can just feel the enthusiasm. Keep on, my friend, keep on keepin' on!

  2. Congrats on another great review. Also, cute pencil!

    Morgan Mandel

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