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In the USA, an estimated 906,000 children are victims of abuse & neglect every year, making child abuse as common as it is shocking. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, sexual, or neglect, the scars can be deep and long-lasting, often leading to future child abuse.

One young blogger is doing her own part by holding a “Child Abuse Month” on her blog. Her name is Ashley and you can follow all her comments at

She reminded me of a guest I had on my blog radio program ( a few weeks ago…

Beth Fehlbaum, and her wonderful book, “Courage in Patience” . Since that interview I myself have been contacted by a few people stating how listening to Beth had made them finally realize the reality of what had happened in there lives. I know that Beth has already visited, and is supporting Ashley in her month long campaign

However there are plenty of other books out there, which equally tell stories of abuse.

'Society's Child' -

‘Divine Child’ -

Several others can be noted on Ashley’s blog page.

As the blog states…

What is Physical abuse? defines it as: to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way.

Groups like “The Blue Ribbon Awareness Campaign” are there throughout the US to help stop child abuse.

So please visit http://booksaremylove.blogspot and show your support for what this young blogger is doing.


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  1. Thanks for all the links - for both the Child Abuse Month and your podcasts.

    Helen Ginger