Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Thirsty Thumblings

It's a case of "where have all the hours gone" rather than all the flowers gone. It's Thursday already, I'm still trying to find time to do today's blog, the first practice of the softball season and the start of a new karaoke show. That is in between my normal IT job, physiotherapy, looking after two kids, sorting out bookings for a book marketing expo in July. On top of that... having two radio programs to plan, the everyday blogging, emailing and internet work plus the fact that I am still not 100% I really wonder where the hours go in my day.

So today it's Thursday, so how do I plan this evenings fun/work?

Try and dash down this blog to share a few items... a quick cup of tea and a andwich, head off to softball practice.

Now softball is not a game played in England, but we do play cricket, and it really upsets people seeing me pushing the ball for single bases like pushing a ball into gaps for a quick run in cricket. Being nearer sixty then fifty at least I can still get around the bases without the use of a walker or electric scooter. The other thing is I am the manager of the team so that means I have to be there for first practice to supply bats balls etc... At least after the game we will stop off for a beer after the thirsty work, to welcome any new players we have join our team this year...

So heading back... stop of at a new karaoke show, to support a fellow KDJ on their first night. A couple of songs and finally home.

Thumbling for thoughts, I will have to try and think of something for tomorrows blog a fresh theme for Sunday's UK blog and plan Saturdays radio show.

Then a few small hours sleep before getting up at just after 5:30am to head for another day at work.

And then I wonder why I have not written much on my next book.


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond


  1. Better make time to write, Barry. We want to know about Brit's trip across the pond.


  2. Yes. I too wonder where all the hours go in a day. However, the fact that you haven't given up on getting it all done is pretty inspiring. Keep on going!

  3. Cricket! what a wonderful game. Wish I knew how to play that. It always sounds fun when people talk about it.

  4. Well you have to get that book out, inspite of all your busyness. Can't let down your fans.