Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Fun

Today’s Radio Broadcast “A BOOK AND A CHAT” with “The Page Flipper”
By Storyheart

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Normally over the weekend I just post my UK blog, however after this morning’s radio blog, some news on interviews and a fresh review it looks like an extra blog this weekend
Sunday will be all about this great sporting weekend in England where almost the whole country and a little bet on a race that has been taking place for over 168 years
However that is Sunday’s blog, what about today.
This morning I had a really fun interview with Chelsea, who blogs under the name “The Page Flipper”. It was a really fun chat, and I hope many will get a chance to listen to it either at


On my blog

Or can download it from

The radio programs are going really well and I have most of the next two months already booked with guests. Next Saturday at 11am EST for instance I have multi award winning author Karen White who is on her virtual book tour this month with a fascinating novel “THE LOST HOURS”


I also have information for a future TV appearance as well as a booking for University Campus radio which should be different. As well as a couple of fresh radio appearances.

What else… well a fresh review at Amazon


Today review 62 at Amazon, a fresh “5” star review which included…

“Across The Pond is a very interesting book for teenagers and young adults. I also found it and easy light read for older adults. The book demonstrates virtuous love between Fred and Britt.

Across The Pond also highlights the differences in the language between England and the United States in fun and amusing ways. The storyline is tight and well written bringing up the issue of date abuse which is a real consideration for young people. The situation is handled in a realistic and mostly mature manner.

I hope to read sequels to this book in the future. It was an enjoyable book.”

You can check out all my Amazon reviews for Across the Pond – by Storyheart at

Barry Eva (Storyheart)
Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book “Across the Pond”


Across the Pond

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  1. Across the Pond sounds really really good. I'd love to read it.

    Btw, Congrats on your success!