Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not Exactly Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Perhaps the most famous Anthony and Cleopatra were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1963 film “Cleopatra”.

Now there is a chance that Archaeologists might be on the brink of finding the tomb of doomed lovers.

Work is about to start excavating three sites near a temple in west Alexandria. A series of deep shafts were discovered in which it is thought that Anthony and Cleopatra might be buried.

This is an area where recently, tombs containing ten mummies, as well as a bust of Cleopatra and coins bearing her image were found. Along with a mask believed to belong to Mark Anthony.

Some scholars have stated that Cleopatra, who along with Mark Anthony committed suicide in 30BC after losing the Battle of Actium, was very ugly. The coins actually indicate that Cleopatra was in no way unattractive.

So if she’s found will forensic art experts show Cleopatra as looking like the 3D computer image of her sister Arsinoe.

Or that she was the beauty displayed by Elizabeth Taylor


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  1. It will be interesting to find out, don't you think? How exciting! I love when scientists make discoveries like these - it just fuels the imagination.

  2. Wow, how absolutely neat. I, too, love it when scientists make these discoveries...thanks for posting, Barry!

  3. Time will tell the results. Sounds fascinating, from far off, not close up, at least not right away.
    Morgan Mandel

  4. If that's a good depiction of her sister Arsinoe, I think she'll look like her, which I happen to think is rather pretty. What was considered beauty back then is most likely not what is called beauty today, anyway. Hope they find her.