Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Review High, Helps Writers Get By

What writer's heart does not beat a little faster, who's chest does not swell that little bit with pride when the receive a review. More so a review stating how much a person has enjoyed their work.

The review might come in many forms. A report on Amazon, an email, a comment on a blog or a kind word during a radio show.

Each in it's own way balances the knocks, pressure and heart ache when producing the finished product. The hours bend over a keyboard, the re-writes, let alone the three ring circus that one goes through trying to get your work published.

I feel so humble reading the many words about my book that people have been kind enough to either post send me since my book came out last October. I am sure this has helped not only with the sales, but the publishers deciding to go from POD to being printed by a major printer and the book being placed in Ingram's.

This will mean the book by (I hope by end of July) will be available in book stores. The issue with many book stores or are they really book warehouses these day? Is that they want a credit back for any non sales. POD does not normally provide that, but from a publishing house it does. So if you like "Across the Pond" will be out there with the "Big Boys" by the end of July. No only that but any day now, it will be re-released with a fresh Press release which includes some of the things that have been said about it in it's first 8 months of publication.

I must have received well over a hundred reviews of the book, with my total on Amazon currently standing at 82, which to me is fantastic. YET!!!! even as I am writing this blog, I went to check the count and low and behold a fresh review has just arrived. So make it 83 on Amazon.

This is from the latest review...

"This book combines humor, conflict and romance into a story that everyone will enjoy. I really enjoyed this book, and I am certain my daughter will too."

The fantastic thing to me is that these reviews come from people from the age to ten to eighty year olds. As anybody who has heard be on radio or red some of my blogs will know. I am not one for "pigeon holing" books into genres. To me if a person enjoys the book what does it matter their age.

The thrill of reading that a mother has enjoyed a book as much as the child they purchased it for is as pleasing as others reviews that compare me to “a modern day Judy Blume”.

When a person writes that “Across the Pond” has been placed in the same category along side books like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight.” What more can you ask for.

As I started of saying at the top of this blog.

"What writer's heart does not beat a little faster, who's chest does not swell that little bit with pride when the receive a review."

I for one am so very grateful for every last word.

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  1. The number of reviews you've gotten is astounding Barry. Keep up the great work. I sure hope this motivates you to get Brit's story done.