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Things I wish I’d known before I started out on the published authors trail.


Nothing looks better for an author, okay except for being on the best selling list, winning an award or having Disney contact you for film rites. And I’m still waiting for Disney to contact me to have my book “Across the Pond” made into the next High School Musical film (guess they’ve lost the phone number). For any author, the sight of a review about your book (hopefully positive) makes you feel that all the effort has been worth while.

There are numerous sources for reviews; the charge for this can vary greatly, in many cases just perhaps the cost of a book and the postage. Don’t for get those small blogs mentioned above.
There are others which while costing, are sometimes well worth that little extra for either the location or a more in depth review.

Many think that people who offer reviews should not charge, it’s almost like paying for somebody to write things about your book, in most cases I totally agree.
The reviewer will be compromised the minute they receive money, because it then becomes a business. You're not really getting a review, but a publicity blurb.

While there are groups and services that do not charge just need a copy of your book, other will ask for donations, or extra copies of your book, which basically is still charging. If you are going to pay for a review make sure it is a really notable site, and that they will allow you to use their review or even post a copy on Amazon and B&N themselves.

One that comes to mind on the paying side READERS SPOILS ( here you can get reviews done by hundreds of people throughout the country for just a small amount. However what is even better about Readers Spoils is that you DO NOT have to send them a copy of your book, so no cost and no postage. They do the reviews from PDF or WORD documents.

Most of these services post their reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or perhaps there own sites. It is always good to have links to these reviews (especially Amazon) on your web site so people can see what others are saying about your work.

Another way to get reviews is when you sell a book or give it to a friend, family member etc. Add a little note or book mark with the copy of the book, asking if they find they enjoy the read, and they have an account at Amazon would they be so kind as to leave a small review. Anybody who has an account on Amazon (who’s purchased something there) can post a review.


Search Engines:

There are plenty of companies that offer entries into search engines like Yahoo, Google, Exite, etc. Some charge a lot of money. However you can find quite a few locations that offer a free service all be it to a reduced number of Search Engines, but if it’s free why not use it.

TIP: Set up an email to just use for search engines, somewhere like or You’ll need to be able to reply to a confirmation/ verification for the initial entry to a search engine. After that you can often get spammed a lot, so best to set up a dummy email rather than have your normal mail box flooded with information about you winning the Nigerian State lottery etc.

Why not spice up your blog/web page to make it stand out?

If you check my book web site at, you’ll be greeted by some cartoon characters. You can design the character yourself, the back ground even use your own voice, or have an electronically generated from your typing.

While this can cost a little each month a visit to SITEPAL ( can add that little extra to your site.

I know there is much more that could be said, guest books, counters, vaster maps even video blogs… perhaps another day.

Anyway I hope this document will help al authors and would be authors.

Finally Never Forget…

Marketing and Pr doesn’t sell books - it gets you exposure!

(Unless of course you appear on Oprah)

Things I wish I’d known before I started out on the published authors trail.


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