Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch a thousand miles from Katmandu

Meanwhile back at the Ranch a thousand miles from Kathmandu
So while this week has been my "Book Promotion on a Budget" which I've had a lot of feed back from, and hope has been help to authors.

What else has been going on?

The Radio Shows

My first guest of the week on Tuesday was the wonderful Lucinda Streiker Schmidt chatting about her life, and her wonderful book "A Separate God: Journal of an Amish Girl"

I must admit I was slightly apprehensive chatting to a lady who had risen to number 2 in the Amazon best seller list about a subject which to a person from England would have little or no knowledge about.

In her book, Lucinda's story is told from the viewpoint of Rachel, a young Amish woman from a good family. Rachel finds herself pregnant by her Amish boyfriend "Alan", and as is expected, marries him. As it turns out, Alan's family is deeply dysfunctional, corrupt with violence and sexual abuse.

It was interesting that despite all her success my show was actually the first "blog radio" show she had appeared on (I take that as a credit) needless to say once we got chatting the tine just flow by and the whole show was fascinating, enlightening and entertaining. Check out the blog radio page or else my blog spot at to listen to this interview. It was so good that after the show we kept chatting for another 30/40 minutes.

Today Saturday I finally was able to get one of my favorite young bloggers "ASHLEY" from BOOKS MAKE GREAT LOVERS blog

As normal, when I get these "SHAM WOW" of YA bloggers onto my show, it was fascinating the knowledge and the open love of reading and books Ashley shared with her audience.

Writers: these young bloggers are the people you should be sharing your books with and listening/reading to their interviews and blogs

PLEASE go to the radio page and check out today,s great radio show, check out all she is reading chats about. It's a interview not to miss!

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  1. Sounds like some great radio shows. I've loved the author information series -- plan on sharing your links with the West Texas Writers at a meeting this fall.

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