Monday, July 23, 2012


Even before the Olympic Games start this Friday there have been many events that hit the headlines some of which are just a little strange.

London conjures images of crowded pubs, which conjure images of pints of beer, which conjure the taste of … Heineken? Well,not really. Which is why having the Dutch brewery's lager as “The official beer for the London Olympic Games” caused a stir in British Parliament.

A few days later there was equal furry in the USA, when it was divulged that the “preppy” style US uniforms were actually made in China.

Talking about uniforms there are some real crackers, the worst of which is the Spanish uniform which has been described as mustard and tomato ketchup, and looks like it can be sold on to Taco Bell. The Spanish “outfit” was designed by a Russian company who also did the Olympic outfits for Russia and Ukrain, and judging by the styles they must have thought paisley was the “in thing”

Mind you it there are afew other outfits of note... The Swiz clothes look like they are from an Autum catalog, and did anybody tell them that Rugby is not part of the Olympics until 2016.

Still feel sorry for poor Venezuela, it looks like none of their athetes would ware the uniforms and they had to show them off on manikins.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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