Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics 2012 - 7

It isn't just Chris De Burgh who is going on about a "Lady In Red" it seems the Indian contingent in the Olympic parade are also crating a flap about "a lady in red".

It would seem that during the parade a lady wearing a red top which stood out in contrast to the Indian team's yellow saris or blue blazers, joined the parade and walked next to India's flag-bearer, wrestler Sushil Kumar.

It now turns out the woman who appeared in India's Olympic contingent in the opening ceremony was a cast member in the event, London 2012's

Seb Coe stated.

"She was a cast member who got "slightly over-excited".

Criticism has erupted as seats at the Olympic Games have been left empty and athletes have performed in front of less than capacity crowds from the first day of competition.

It tuns out most of these are down to sponsors and Olympic officials not turning up and the Olympic committee are following up to make some of these tickets available for the many who are still trying to attend an event.

Not that "scalpers" are making a profit. A German man and a Slovakian woman were charged Saturday by British police over alleged attempts to illegally resell tickets to the Olympic opening ceremony, while 16 others have been arrested in the last two days over similar offenses.

Scotland Yard said it had also detained 11 men on Saturday over suspected ticket fraud — two have been bailed while inquiries continue, one has been freed and eight are being questioned.

"My team has been working tirelessly to clamp down on ticket touts. We have been, and will continue to seek out and take robust action," Det. Supt. Nick Downing said.

"Ticket touting is illegal and is a clear exploitation of those who genuinely wish to experience the games first-hand," he said.

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