Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics 2012 -6


So the opening ceremony has taken place and it seems that most of world enjoyed the format the fun, the thought that her majesty the queen might possibly parachute into the stadium and so much more. Her in the USA it would have been great to see it live like the rest of the world… BUT NBC in their financial wisdom held off until US prime time some 5 hrs later, so it was over and done before in the United States were able to see the wonderful spectacle. In my search for some form of live broadcast I came across TV Chile which on the program news advertised the opening ceremony but it proved to be some soap opera where the men seemed to ware weird pullovers and the entire female cast had on scarves.

This “lack” of coverage type of issue within the USA media in the 2004 Olympics made headline, and I mean front page headline news around the world and is the one of the reasons the USA has not been granted the Olympics since. I have blogged about this issue in the past, and will go over the reason and what happened in a future blog.

Mean while what about day 1 and some weird news. Michel Phelps does not “so far” look like the champion he once was, and the Chinese machine is now spewing out unknown swimmers to take the pool by storm when Sixteen-year-old Ye Shiwen set a world record in the women's 400 individual medley.

Over at the rifle range, the noise of firing was mixed with the mixed with the cooing of Suryani Mohammed Taibi as she tried to settle her unborn baby from kicking her as she attempted to take part in the 10-meter air rifle. Not only is Taibi one of the few pregnant women in Olympic history, but she is also the most pregnant woman in Olympic history. Sometime in the next five weeks the shooter from Malaysia is going to give birth to a girl. The girl already has a name: Dayana Widyan.

Dayana Widyan has grown so large inside her mother that Taibi’s coach Natalia Zhukova worried her student might have her baby before the Olympics even began.

Back to the opening ceremony; don’t forget I did let you know that Mary Pippins might be needed to defend us in a previous blog. I’ll tell you something else… I think the most certain bet of 2012 is that Danny Boyle will receive a knighthood by the end of the year.

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