Friday, July 17, 2009

Radio Guest Show Trials


Some of the issues one comes up against in doing blog radio programs happened to me yesterday. I don't normally do a show on a Thursday night, however owing to being part of a panel at a writers group meeting on Saturday I had booked an author for last night. The show as normal for my mid-week show was due to start at 6:30pm EST.
Just before 6pm I was checking my guest blog and web site to glean some useful information to use for chatting, when I noticed they had posted that the show was at 6:30 CST not EST. I contacted the agent of the author, and received confirmation that the guest now knew it was 6:30EST. This fact was confirmed by an update on the authors site.

Show time came and not sign of my guest, they had written about always being late for events, so I started the show and chatted about the guest. Five minutes went by still no sign. So as in past "no show" shows I carried on talking about various issues for the remaining thirty minutes.

I had a weird feeling that despite correcting the blog and the time, that my guest would still show up at 7:30 my time. So I opened a small 5min show and low and behold turn up they did.

Needles to say I have since received an apology for what the author sates her "blond" moment. Believe me it actually worse than that. When I cam to check out my thirty minute solo show I found that one of the kids gad used or played with my headphones and turned of the microphone, so I had thirty minutes of dead air. Which needless to say has since been deleted.

Just a little issue one sometimes has with radio shows.

Thank you
Barry (Storyheart)

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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