Saturday, July 18, 2009

Literary Saturday - what is "Christian Literature"?

Normally I blog on a Saturday about that days radio guest, however today I did not have a radio show. The reason being this morning I was a guest speaker/panelist at a Connecticut Authors and Publishers (CAPA) event.

As stated on the program...

"During the first several minutes of the program, each panelist will share a brief story of an appearance to promote their book. Following this first segment, a Question & Answer period will follow, where each panelist can attempt to provide his or her "best answer" to the questions posed by the audience, based on their experience. The venues may include libraries, bookstores, other book sale venues, television and radio."

My chat and answers went down really well with promoting as I always do the use of the internet for publicity and just getting your name out there. Of course I mentioned my favorite subject the fantastic YA Bloggers that are out there, or as I call them the "Sham Wow" of YA literature.

One question I was asked, and it has been asked before is if my book is a "Christian Book?"

What are Christian books, Christian Authors etc, what does it mean?

I mean to say.. ones mans Christianity is another mans Judaism. Words like bloody and hell are in the Bible, yet used as "Bloody Hell" which is a common saying in England, might be classed as bad langauge.

Some reviewers/readers have said great for teens teen and good "Christian Book" others have said some bad language...(not sure where unless we are talking about "bloody hell")

Basically I'm lost. I mean what about all the "begating" in the bible, and after all were not Adam and Eve were the first sex experts?

Any way I think the book might be classed as a good Christian book, but then I could have just been agreeing to sell copies and possibly be a guest speaker at an event or two.

So if anybody could explain what "Christian Literature" is, not counting the monthly news letter from your local church (at least in England), I'd be very glad.

This by the way is my church from back home in England. St Marys (East Barnet) built in 1080... yes that old, and still has many parts (walls doors, arches etc) from the original Norman building. I was christened, sang in the choir and had one wedding ceremony there.


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