Sunday, February 1, 2009

Across the Pond - by Storyheart February 1st

Across the Pond - by Storyheart February1st

More news and views on my “young adult fiction” novel “Across the Pond’, by me Storyheart as I start my month “virtual book tour”.

The launch of my virtual book tour starts tomorrow, I am still getting request from bloggers and readers for copies to comment on.

I should also have a fresh review tomorrow from

Sarah Moore at Writers in the Sky

She contacted me apologizing for the delay but wrote…

“I loved your book and will have a very favorable review ready for you on Monday.”

The book has been mentioned as a favorite book at on blog.

I also had a request from Shelly at Write for a Reader who I will send a book to on Monday. Several other blogs are going to run either interviews or contests during this month to celebrate my “virtual book tour”

I will keep my bogs up to date with each visit so please check each day as to what is happening.

Monday starts with a review at


Author of “Across the Pond”

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  1. hey storyheart! thanks for stopping by my blog... i will drop a line through the month too :)