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Across the Pond by Storyheart : Feb 22nd

Across the Pond by Storyheart : Feb 22nd a rest day in my “Virtual Book Tour”

Even though it’s a rest day, I am getting ready for the last 5 days of my tour. With various reviews and interview for my book Acorss the Pond and my Storyheart still to come.

I discovered that Saturday and Sundays do not count as days on virtual tours, yet still events go on. So we’ll take it as February 22nd another day on my month long virtual book tour.

February 22nd

Firstly a review by Lisa May at one of my favourite blogs “Look at that Book”
Review: Across The Pond by Storyheart
Across The Pond is a YA novel by Storyheart that sees the main character, Fred shipped 'across the pond' to stay with family friends while his parents go on holiday. While there, Fred falls for Brit, who he is staying with. Together they get up to lots of fun in the USA, all while Fred is dutifully noting the differences in culture and language between their two countries for a school project.

It was a sweet, fun read. The relationship between Fred and Brit seemed genuine and was lovely to read about. I found myself finishing each chapter with a big grin on my face!

After a while I began to find the constant pointing out of word differences a little tedious (maybe it's because I'm Australian!) but all in all I had a great time reading Across The Pond and look forward to future adventures with Fred and Brit!

(This interesting as Lisa is from Australia where many of the words are the same as in English unlike in the US where this comparison has proved very popular… Storyheart)

I rate Across The Pond 3.5/5 stars :) You can get it on amazon here and can also check out my interview with the author here. If you're looking to learn a bit about another culture, or just want a fun with read with a bit of romance, go check it out!

I then stopped off at Amazon and low and behold I have another TWO five star reviews.

Again different parts of the book were picked up and people of all ages enjoyed the story.

Great for Teenagers!, February 22, 2009
By Deana - See all my reviews

I am much older than the audience intented for this book but I do have three teenage boys. Although they are not interested in romance books, I did buy this book for my 16 year old niece. Teenage romance is such a sweet thing and the author did an amazing job capturing the innocence of what teenage love really is. I read this book as well and remembered back to memories of my teenage years. I recommend this book for all teenagers, pre-teens and parents as well.

Descriptive, draws you in, February 21, 2009
By Michael Conway "Harper of Oz" (Colorado) - See all my reviews

Storyheart really has a knack for description. From page 1, I found myself drawn into his world which is described lucidly, but without going into too much detail as to get boring. I have read many of those books that go overboard, but Storyheart got it just right.

I felt like I was right alongside Fred for his ride in America. Fred himself is a fun character, and quite observant, and brought England to America in his mind, especially for an American reader like me.

Across the Pond is fun, and I recommend it heartily.

More events are happening all the time, so join me and my daily blog as I spread the word about “Across the Pond” a book by me Storyheart

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